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Question: What is the Hoosier Horsemenís Association?
The Hoosier Horsemenís Association is a Mutual Membership Benefit Association that provides mortality only coverage for Equines. The Hoosier Horsemenís Association is not an insurance company.
Question: What is a Mutual Membership Benefit Association?
The definition of a "Mutual Membership Benefit Association" is a corporation, society, order or association which has no capital stock, which issues certificates of membership providing for payment of benefits in case of sickness, disability or death of its members and which accumulates funds by the collection of fees or dues from its members, at either stated or irregular intervals, with which to discharge its liabilities on its membership certificates and with which to pay the administrative expenses.
Question: Does the Hoosier Horsemenís Association differ in any way from the definition of a Mutual Membership Benefit Association?
Yes, but only to the extent that the Hoosier Horsemenís Association only provides morality coverage benefits and does not provide benefits in the case of sickness or disability.
Question: How does the program work?
Each member chooses a mortality plan and level of coverage within that plan. Every member is required to pay an annual membership fee, which is based on the selected level of coverage. Whenever a member dies the entire membership is assessed a Death Assessment Fee, which again is determined by each memberís enrolled plan. The Death Assessment Fees collected from the entire membership are then used to pay the death claim of the unfortunate member.
Question: Who can join the Association?
Eligibility is limited to registered equines of a recognized breed or unregistered equines that either have an implanted Microchip or a Tattoo that has been verified by a licensed veterinarian.
Question: Is there an age limit for initial membership?

Yes, to be eligible for enrollment an equine must be between the age of 120 days and 15 years of age.

Weanling Program:

  • A registered or an applied for registration foal, between 120 days and 12 months of age, can be enrolled in the any of the Weanling programs. 
  • Unregistered Foals, not eligible for registration, between 120 days and 12 months of age and that have a Microchip implanted by a licensed veterinarian or a lip tattoo, can be enrolled in any of the Weanling programs.

Standard Program:

  • A registered equine between the age of 13 months and 15 years of age can be enrolled in any of the Standard Programs.
  • Yearlings are accepted into the Standard Program on January 1st regardless of their actual foal date.
  • Unregistered equines between the ages of 13 months and 15 years of age can be enrolled in any of the Standard Programs if they have either an implanted Microchip or a Tattoo number.  A licensed veterinarian must verify the microchip or tattoo numbers and age. 
Question: Can a membership be transferred to a new owner?
Yes, a membership can be transferred to a new owner if the new owner applies for a transfer of coverage within 30 days of purchase.
  • The member being transferred must have been enrolled in one of the Weanling or Standard Plans.  A member enrolled in one of the Senior Plans is not eligible for transfer.
  • When a membership is transferred, the member will retain their original membership anniversary month.  The original membership date is used to determine eligibility for bonus years when the member reaches the age of 16.
  • The member will have full coverage the day the transfer application is received and there is no 30 day waiting period for health related incidents.
  • The new owner may choose any coverage plan available and does not have to retain the same level of coverage as the previous owner.
  • There is a Transfer Fee which is 1/2 of the annual membership fee associated with the level of coverage requested.
Question: How long can a member retain membership and morality coverage?
A member in good standing can continue their Standard membership and coverage until they have reached 16 years of age on their membership anniversary month.

If a member has been enrolled a full 3 years prior to reaching age 16, the member is eligible for an additional 2 bonus years of membership in the Standard Program.

After either reaching 16 years of age or at the completion of the 3rd bonus year an equine can continue coverage under the Senior Program.
Question: Can you apply for membership in the Senior Program if your horse is 16 years or older?
No, enrollment in the Senior Program is limited to members who are currently enrolled in the Standard Program and who have reached the maximum age limit for the Standard Program. The Association will notify members when they become eligible for enrollment in the Senior Plan.
Question: How long can a member continue coverage under the Senior Program?
A Senior Membership is limited to 4 years.
Question: What are the costs associated with a membership?

The Association charges 2 types of fees to maintain membership and mortality coverage:

  • Annual Membership Fees

  • Death Assessment Fees
Question: What are Annual Membership Fees?
Each enrolled equine or member is charged an annual Membership Fee. This fee is based on the Coverage Program and Level of Coverage within the program that each member has selected. Membership fees are used to pay the administrative expenses of the Association such as postage, office supplies, telephone expense etc.
Question: What are Death Assessment Fees?
Whenever an equine member dies, each remaining member is assessed a Death Assessment Fee. The collected Assessment Fees are used to pay the death claim of the unfortunate member. Like Membership Fees, the Assessment Fee is based on the coverage program and level of coverage that each member has selected.
Question: How do I apply for membership?

You can apply for membership by simply printing off a copy of the appropriate application form. Refer to the icons on the bottom of the page for the coverage plan you are requesting (Weanling or Standard Program) or call the office at 317-781-4017 and request and application.

Complete the form, attach a copy of the horseís registration papers or 4 photos whichever is applicable and a check or money order for the annual membership fee. For Unregistered applications make sure that you have your equine Microchipped or Tattooed by a licensed veterinarian and that the veterinarian completes his portion of the form. Mail all completed applications to Hoosier Horsemenís Association Ė P.O. Box 313 - Zionsville, Indiana 46077 or Fax the application to 317-769-4187.

Question: If I enroll more than 1 horse do all my horses have to be enrolled in the same Coverage Plan and Level of Coverage?
No, each horse can be enrolled in a different plan and coverage level.
Question: When does a membership expire?
All memberships expire on the last day of the membership month regardless of the membership day. An expired membership does not automatically cancel the memberís coverage it only suspends benefits until renewed. To cancel your coverage you must contact the Association.
Question: Can you enroll a HYPP positive horse?
Yes, a HYPP positive horse can be enrolled but claims that can be related back to the HYPP disease are not covered.
Question: Do I have to provide a veterinarian certificate and proof of value?
No, a veterinarian exam is not required but the application does require you to confirm that the horse is healthy and has no pre-existing conditions that would prohibit coverage. If a claim is filed and the attending veterinarian indicates that the condition existed before enrollment the claim could be denied. The association does not require proof of value or copies of show records etc. To enroll an unregistered equine, a licensed veterinarian must verify the microchip or tattoo number and provide an estimated age.
Question: How do I cancel my coverage?
Coverage can be cancelled at any time by simply calling the Office at 317-781-4017, sending a letter to Hoosier Horsemenís Association Ė P.O. Box 313 Ė Zionsville, Indiana 46077, or faxing your request to 317-769-4187. You need to include your horses name or Id # and the date of sale or cancellation effective date. Please remember that members are still responsible for all Death Assessments charged to their account that occurred prior to their cancellation date, even if the Death Assessment have not been billed on a bi-monthly statement.
Question: Do I have to notify the Association that I want to cancel or can I just let my membership expire?
You must notify the Association if you want to cancel you coverage. An expired membership only suspends benefits until renewed. Death Assessments are still billed to expired members until notification of cancellation is received.
Question: How often will I receive Billing Statements?
Billing or Death Assessment Statements are generated bi-monthly on the 1st. of January, March, May, July, September and November. Membership Renewal Statements are generated on the 1st of their renewal month. Membership Renewal and Death Assessment Statements are combined if the billing statements overlap. Payments are always due on or before the 20th of the billing month.
Question: What is the procedure for reporting a death.
All deaths must be reported immediately to the Office by calling 317-781-4017. The Association maintains a 24 hours answering service for emergency purposes. If a member is found dead it will be necessary to have a license veterinarian confirm the cause of death and if the cause of death is not clearly determined an autopsy will be required. When reporting a death you need to supply the name of the horse and the name and contact information of the attending veterinarian. If the member is unregistered, the attending veterinarian must verify the microchip or tattoo number.
Question: Do you have to get permission from the association for euthanasia?
Yes, the Associationís rules and regulations require that the office approve all euthanasiaís except in extreme cases such as vehicle accidents where euthanasia is obvious. Normally the Association will speak to the attending veterinarian prior to the euthanasia. A licensed veterinarian must perform the euthanasia except in extreme cases. If someone other than a licensed veterinarian performs euthanasia, a veterinarianís cause of death statement is still required. In all cases where the member is unregistered the microchip or tattoo number must be verified.
Question: What happens after a claim has been filed with the Association?

The Association will contact and supply the attending veterinarian with the necessary forms to report the actual cause of death. If an autopsy has been performed the results need to be included with the official Death Certificate. In cases where the veterinarian does not return the completed Death Certificate in a timely manner, it is the responsibility of the owner to procure the needed information for the Association.

After the Death Certificate is received and everything is in order, the Association will notify the customer that the claim has been filed and the Association will assess the remaining membership for the death claim.

Question: When should I expect my claim check?
Claim checks are generated after the membership has been billed for the claim and funds have been received. Claims are paid in the order they occur as long as the claimantís account balance is current. All claims will be paid 30 days after the billing cycle is mailed, if not before.
Question: Should I notify the Association if my horse is having surgery or is being treated for a serious condition even though it is not life threatening?
The Association always likes to be informed about an up coming surgery or new condition that requires on-going treatment. In some cases, prior notification can simplify the claim processing and pre-approve euthanasia if it would become necessary.
Question: How do I earn the $15.00 Referral Credit?
The Association currently provides equine mortality coverage to all registered breeds and unregistered micro-chipped equines residing in the United States and we know there are still a large number of potential new customers out there.  Each year we have the hard decision which breeds or geographical areas to concentrate our advertising on.  Since the Association doesn't have the funds for advertising everywhere, we've decided that the best way to make our advertising money work efficiently is to utilize our best form of advertising, and that is thru our customers.

Starting Jan 1, 2013, we will credit your account $15.00 for each new customer (person not equine member) that you refer.  Only referrals that result in the enrollment or transfer of at least one new equine member qualify for the $15.00 credit.  To receive your credit, you need to have the referred customer's application(s) contain your name and account number with a note stating "referred by", or you can call us at (317) 781-4017 and ask us to contact a potential customer.  When calling regarding a potential new customer, make sure you leave their complete contact information.

How to find potential customers ..... talk to your friends that are equine owners, or members of your horse associations, clubs, or 4-H groups.  If you board your horse, put a brochure in a common area.  When at a horse show or trail ride, put a brochure on your stall or tack room door or leave brochures at the entry booth.  Or just be creative.  If you need extra brochures and applications, call the office and we will be glad to send some out to you.  Remember, you can always print extra applications from our web site.

REMINDER - Be sure that the brochures and applications that you give out or display have your name and account number on the them.


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