Senior Program

The Senior Program was institued to provide continued mortality coverage for active members who have reaced the age of 16.  For purposes of this plan, both the member's actual age and membership enrollment date are used to determine eligibility.  The member's actual enrollment date determines when the member will be transferred to a Senior Plan.  Members will automatically be enrolled in a Senior Program when they become eligible.

  • Member/Horse/Pony who has been enrolled in a Standard Program for two (2) or more years prior to their 16th birthday, will be eligible to enroll in the Senior Program on their membership anniversary date three (3) years following their 16th birthday.  A Standard Program's enrollment is automatically extended for an additional 3 years if a Member/Horse/Pony has been enrolled 2 years prior to their 16th birthday.
  • Member/Horse/Pony who has been been enrolled in a Standard Program for less than 2 years prior to their 16th birthday will be eligible for enrollment in the Senior Program on their membership anniversary date following their 16th birthday.

Senior Program

















   *The Senior Coverage Plan closest to the member‘s current Standard Coverage Plan will be automatically selected.
                       Coverage can be reduced but not increased once enrolled in a Senior Program


To qualify for membership, Member/Horse/Pony must meet all the following qualifications:  

  • Member/Horse/Pony must be in good standing with Hoosier Horsemen's Association.

  • Member/Horse/Pony must have been enrolled in one of the Hoosier Horsemen's Association's Standard Coverage Plans.

  • Member/Horse/Pony must be healthy and have had regular worming and veterinary checks.

Any member can enroll as many Horses/Ponies as he wishes, but the Hoosier Horsemen's Association will not be liable for more than five (5) deaths or a maximum of $16,000.00 dollars per any one occurrence or accident regardless of the type of plans enrolled in.

To download a copy of the Senior Rules & Regulations, click on the icon below.  You will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader to properly view and print the Rules & Regulations.

                        Senior Program Rules and RegulationsClick Here  

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