Standard Program

The Standard Program provides mortality coverage for equines between and ages of 1 and 15 years.  Yearlings are accepted into the program on January 1st of the year following foaling.  On the membership anniversary date that coincides with the member's actual age of 16, the member will be automatically transferred into one of the Senior Programs, unless the member has been enrolled in the Standard Plan for 2 years prior to their 16th birthday.  If a member has been enrolled in the in the plan for 2 years prior to their 16th birthday, they are eligibel for 3 additional years of coverage under the Standard Program.

Standard Programs

Benefit Coverage Annual Membership Fees Transfer Fee Death Assessment Fee
$1,000 $13.00 $6.50 $2.25
$2,000 $14.00 $7.00 $3.75
$3,000 $25.50 $12.75 $4.75
$4,000 $26.00 $13.00 $7.00
$5,000 $32.00 $16.00 $8.75

To qualify for membership, applicant horse/pony must meet all the follow qualifications: 
  • Applicant horse/pony must either be registered with a recognized breed association or have a microchip or lip tattoo verified by a licensed veterinarian.
  • Applicant horse/pony must be between one (1) and fifteen (15) years of age.  A licensed veterinarian must provide an approximate age for non-registered equines.
  • Applicant horse/pony must be healthy and have had regular veterinary checks, vaccinations, and wormings.

Any customer can enroll as many horses/ponies as he/she wishes, but the Hooiser Horsemen's Association will not be liable for more than five (5) members or $16,000 dollars per any occurrence or accident regardless of the type of plans enrolled in.

The Association encourages the use of their coverage plans as a supplement to other types of incurance to help defray veterinarian and other expenses incurred due to a death.

To download a copy of the Standard Application or a copy of the Rules and Regulations, click on the appropriate icon.  

Standard Application for Registered Horses/Ponies Click Here
Standard Application for Non-Registered Horses/Ponies Click Here
Standard Program Rules and Regulations Click Here

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